Kincardine Coast
By Frances Walker

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
41.5 x 94 cm

This summery panoramic view from the North East Coast of Scotland is rich with layers of colour describing the lush grass, highlights on the water and planes of rock and sand. The colours are applied in an almost painterly manner, requiring precision and planning in the screen printing process.
The rolling lines of the cliff edge and rock formations below, combined with the stillness of the sea horizon, create a dynamic landscape with many details to engage the viewer. Dividing the largest rock formation in the middle, there is a sliver of a cave which provides a glimpse of the sea. The fine lines emphasising the layers, cracks and individual stones among the rocks add further ruggedness to this image of a remote, wild piece of coast. The freshness of the blue and green, along with the hint of sunlight on the rocks, creates a calm and airy atmosphere, and the panoramic composition immerses the viewer in the artist's first-hand experience of the landscape.

Frances works in both painting and printmaking from sketches drawn on location. In printmaking she often combines different methods to include a variety of mark making.

The artist finds inspiration in the nature of the Scottish wilderness and aims to convey that wildness through her art. Inspiration also comes from the people of these untamed lands and their impact on the natural surroundings.

Frances Walker was born in Kirkcaldy in 1930 and trained at the Edinburgh College of Art. She now lives in Aberdeen and on Tiree, where she lives in one of the few remaining thatched cottages. Many of her drawings and studies are made in Tiree, with larger paintings and prints being produced in Aberdeen. Having painted many of the wildest parts of Scotland, Walker's works not only evoke this wildness but also bears witness to the people who have lived in Scotland and shaped the land with their labour.

With thanks to: Leopard Magazine and Rendezvous Gallery

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