La Hermida Asturias Mountains_ Spain
By Julie Brook

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Abstract - Landscape
Reg. Number
83 x 101 cm

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This landscape, which depicts the Hermida Gorge in the Picos de Europa mountains in northern Spain, demonstrates Julie Brook's affinity with strong, remote landscapes. It depicts the outline of the gorge flanked by steep limestone slopes using broad brushstrokes. Elements are depicted starkly and in the abstract, as in the three bright green lines representing the tree line at the summit of the peak. Each side of the valley is painted in different colours: the left is a darker, composed of with blues and browns whilst the right is lighter, made up of whites and light greys blues, greys and white shades. These cool colours are reflected in the sky, but contrast vividly with the use of orange in the foreground.

Brook says of her relationship with landscape that 'there's an indescribable feeling I get in the landscape, I just want to paint it, to get it down as fast as I can. But I don't paint what I see - I'm trying to paint what the landscape makes me feel.’ This impressionistic approach is on display here, as evidenced by the rough, bold brushstrokes used to create the valley of the gorge. The inspiration for this piece came when the artist saw a painting of the same view by David Bomberg, one of the Whitechapel Boys, which he created in 1935.

Julie Brook studied art at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford (1980-83). From 1989 Julie Brook has been living and working in remote landscapes in Scotland; Hoy, Orkney (1989) ; the west coast of Jura (1990-94); on the uninhabited island of Mingulay (1996-2011), Outer Hebrides. Recently she has been working in different parts of the desert in Central and South West Libya (2008-09) travelling with Tuareg guides; Syria (2010) ; NW Namibia (2011-14) travelling with Himba-Herero guides.
She makes large scale sculptural work outside using different materials using photography and film as part of the process of working. []

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