The Walk Back
By Robert Maclaurin

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
73.5 x 68.5 cm

Thank you Halla Beloff for adopting this artwork.

'The Walk Back' involves a strong tonal contrast between the forested areas and open parts which recall the kind of light found in the Southern Hemisphere. The grandeur and power of the landscape is emphasised by the denseness of the forest and the imposing scale of the landscape. Looking at this landscape, the viewer's eye is led along the path, which hints at human intervention despite the emptiness of this scene. The artist has applied the paint thickly which suggests the physicality of the scene depicted.

Robert's landscape paintings explore the vastness, grandeur and beauty of nature. Since graduating in 1983, he has spent considerable time in Australia which is reflected in much of his work, through his use of hot colour and harsh light. Much of Robert's work is large scale, for he enjoys making large paintings which viewers feel like they can walk into. Sketchbooks are an integral part of his process, for he uses them to capture feelings and memories when outside in the landscape, to which he can later refer when making paintings in the studio.

Robert Maclaurin graduated in 1983, and has since spent time living in Turkey, Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. He has exhibited internationally and has had solo exhibitions in Britain and Australia. Robert describes his paintings as "very personal responses.... each tells a particular story which I don't verbally need to tell, but which I hope the viewer senses and perhaps makes a conscious link to some place or someone in their world."

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