Two Zebras
By Amy Page

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
79 x 63.5 cm

This watercolour by Amy Page depicts an embrace between two zebras. The zebras' faces, with their petite features, and their short legs suggests they are young. The black and white stripes are well defined, as are their manes, emphasising the coarseness of their hair.

Though it is unclear if Amy Page painted the zebras from real-life, the style of the work is realist, with the animals depicted true to form. The shading on the back legs, with its diluted colour, is particularly impressive. It reinforces the light cast from the rising or setting sun beyond the zebras. The environment is natural, there are no man made elements, and there is no limit to the horizon, giving the painting a feeling of freedom, in keeping with the wildness of the animals.

Amy Page trained at the Brighton College of Art and Leith School of Art in Edinburgh. She has exhibited several times, including twice at the Torrance Gallery, Edinburgh, twice in London and once at the Victory Gallery, Sussex. These exhibits included a variety of artworks including monoprints, paintings, weavings and wall hangings.

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