Pollok House Pond
By Henry Gibbons Guy

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Pollok Country Park is rich in rural history and contains a wealth of natural beauty. The diverse landscape boasts cultivated areas of horticulture alongside the uncultivated natural beauty and mystery of the deep areas of woodland. The park exists as a natural oasis of peace and tranquility providing the solitude and contemplative inspiration of the Scottish landscape within the Glasgow cityscape. Among many who have frequented the park for inspiration is artist Henry Gibbons Guy - his artwork, 'Pollok House Pond', was conceived within the grounds.

His primary inspiration being Scottish landscapes which he finds most "enthralling during the twilight hours". When the viewer gets close to this artwork one can see that the oil paint has been heavily applied to the board, directional lines remain pressed into the paint an indication of Henry's working method. From initial representational sketches, he works the piece until it then exists with a degree of independence from the visual reality of the original subject, the pond and its surroundings. This navigation away from the representational and toward the abstract is expected because of Henry's methodology.

Henry prioritises the process needed to return to his intangible emotions and feelings felt on the first observation of the subject. This process can often mean a focus on how the paint is applied and moved around the board. The paint is "pushed" around the space, until the subject is "lost or sacrificed" to make way for the realisation of his original feelings. In this sense the process is of equal importance to the final compositional form and his initial inspiration. The emphasis on atmosphere and emotion transmits to the viewer through the language of colour and the effects of texture. This facilitates a more subjective response from the viewer, encouraging a personal connection to one's own feelings.

Born in 1971, Henry Gibbons Guy was raised as "a city kid longing to be abroad". After graduating from Glasgow School of Art with a BA in Painting in 1996, Henry travelled for some time around France and Spain, using the picturesque landscape as a painting inspiration. He moved to London to study at the Princes Drawing School; going on to work in the School's Print Room and then for the Young Artists Programme.

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