By Sarah Brown

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
90.5 x 121 cm

This busy piece by Sarah Brown uses the pastels to create a brightly coloured scene. There are many disparate elements that lend the piece the feel of a collage. These elements include animals, birds, foliage and tugboats. Some of these features are immediately obvious, such as the chicken, the partridge and the woman on the left, whereas other elements are less obvious, such as the shape of a golden rabbit in the centre and the barely visible outline of a flamingo. Indeed, many elements of the picture are only represented as dark outlines, and it is unclear whether they are unfinished, later additions, or intended to be the way the way they are. Where some elements, such as the rabbits and tugboats, appear repeatedly, some appear only once, such as the sole human figure on the left, whose pale skin and outlined expression makes her stand out.

This artwork may represent a garden party with a spring motif. The cups and fruits and vegetables suggest an outdoor picnic. An egg-shape is repeated in the outline of shapes in the top left and middle right; in the striped hulls of the tugboats and the spotted object behind the flamingo's head. There is a childlike playfulness about the whole scene – as seen in the cheery colour palette and the simple, stylised shapes that encourages the reader to find their own games to play - such as finding out how many rabbits there are, or how many tugboats, or what fruits, vegetables and animals can be identified.

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