Twilight Landscape
By Henry Gibbons Guy

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
87 x 88 cm

'Twilight Landscape' was painted by Henry just before his graduation from the Glasgow School of Art. He has worked on many 'imagined' landscapes, which play an important role in his art. Mainly drawing views from the Scottish landscape, he finds "the twilight hours or an overcast day with slate grey skies" the most enthralling, explaining his subject choice in this case. Rather than literally transposing nature, Henry responds to a specific mood which he recreates in his work, sometimes losing the original image to in order to realise his feelings.

A touch of Romanticism is hinted at in 'Twilight Landscape' - Henry describes his longing to travel abroad since his urban childhood, particularly to the southern fields of France. Indeed, 'Twilight Landscape' can be seen as a more abstract, nocturnal counterpart to Cezanne's late nineteenth century oil series on Mont Sainte Victorie. As with the subject matter, the colours of 'Twilight Landscape' were chosen to evoke a nocturnal scene.

Henry likens his work to that of Bomberg, Matisse, Ivon Hitchens and Cezanne. In his words, "these were the painters that educated his artistic knowledge". These are the artists he felt most akin to, with their 'imagined' landscapes, some from memories of real motifs and other amalgamations.

Most of Henry's paintings are of various areas in London; Hackney Farm, Hampstead Heath, Primrose Hill or the view out the bedroom window; some painted on the spot and others from drawings and memory. Wandering around and drawing "little moments" is an important part of his daily routine. His favourite places in London are the National Gallery and the many small hidden bookshops.

Born in 1971, Henry Gibbons Guy was raised as "a city kind longing to be abroad". After graduating from Glasgow School of Art with a BA in Painting in 1996, Henry travelled for some time around France and Spain, using the picturesque landscape as a painting inspiration. He moved to London to study at the Princes Drawing School; going on to work in the School's Print Room and then for the Young Artists Programme.

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