The Jumble Sale
By Jeanette Lassen

Acrylic and Gouache
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
69 x 61 cm

The artist Jeanette Lassen has a fascination for design and colour. In addition, she has always held an interest in Polish sculpture and crafts. 'The Jumble Sale' showcases Jeanette's interest in working with simple shapes and colours.

A largely figurative scene, this work is primarily composed of strong, blocks of matte colours. The stylised figures depicted in the scene are strongly outlined and it is the flat shapes of these figures that inform the overall composition of the piece. Jeanette's work shares certain similarities with some early twentieth century work by the artist Henri Matisse. This is particularly evident in her use of block colours, flat shapes and strong figurative forms.

There are also several delicate and intricate patterns depicted on the clothing of some of the figures within the work. These details can be related to the artist's background in textiles and clothing design. Additionally, the painting succeeds in instilling a curiosity in the viewer as to the historical and cultural contexts that inform the work. When one is made aware of Jeanette's particular interests, the viewer is provided with an interesting perspective on how to engage with this painting.

Jeanette Lassen studied at the Putney School of Art in London before spending some time at Edinburgh College of Art as a mature student. She is noted for her exquisite taste and application of design and colour complimented by subject matter with extravagant opulence, invariably tinged with optimism and seldom without humour. In 1990 she took part in an exhibition of Scottish painters in Tokyo. She exhibited widely throughout Scotland and England: The City Art Gallery (London), The Kingfisher Gallery (Edinburgh) and The Castle Gate Gallery (Cockermouth) to name a few. Before her death in 2008, Lassen was also commissioned to produce paintings for The Bank of Scotland, Sainsbury’s Head Office and for the P&O Shipping Company liner Aurora, leaving a strong body of work behind her.

With thanks to Joanna Cole for information about this artist.

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