By Bridget Fletcher

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
80.5 x 114 cm

This etching depicts a ruined hillfort town, using a black linear-perspective landscape on a white ground. The upper half of the landscape is washed in grey to depict the sky. It is given a sense of scale though the use of thicker lines and a large leaf-form in the foreground, while hills are outlined in the distance.

The artist, Bridget Fletcher, says that "when making this print I had a specific experience in mind. I was travelling through Belize to reach a beautiful island called Caye Chaulker. Before I could take the boat... I had to stay in Belize city. This was not a pleasant thought as the capital is a rough place full of drugs and violence.... I wanted an element of unease to be apparent with an underlying feeling of excitement. The city fascinated me; I think I was divided between loving it and hating it".

Discussing her process, Fletcher says that "when I go on holiday, I always seem to come back empty handed, no money, no fancy souvenirs, often just a few tatty postcards and a half full sketch book with a lot of nonsense written in it. These sources are all I have left to remember my experiences, they prove that I've done them. My prints are simply a comment on this. they combine elements of the physical remnants and my memories. Through the medium of etching i have tried to capture the physicality of some of the countries I have visited and the atmosphere at that time. Each print is a document."

Bridget Fletcher was born in 1972 and went to school in Yeovil, Somerset. In 1991 she attended Glasgow School of Art and graduated in 1995 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art specialising in Printmaking. She has exhibited at the East Kilbride Arts Centre in Glasgow (1994), the Royal Scottish Academy student exhibition (1995), the Royal Bath and West of England Show, where she won third prize in the art competition (1995) and the Glasgow School of Art Degree Show (1995). Her awards including the Printmaking Award from Glasgow Print Studios.

This piece was purchased from Glasgow College of Art Degree Show in 1995.

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