Toe Dipping
By Hugh Bryden

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
46 x 50 cm

This small linocut is an Artist's Proof signed by the artist, Hugh Bryden. The design has a strong, linear quality seen in the outline of the child, the ripples of water and rays of the sun. There are intense contrasts between the white paper and the dense black ink. Looking closely there are some areas where the ink is slightly less dense creating subtle texture and tone.

Linocuts are made using a 'relief' printmaking process in which a design is cut into the surface of linoleum. The areas that have been removed by cutting do not print; these are the areas where the white paper can be seen. Oil-based ink is rolled onto the remaining raised areas and then printed by transferring the ink from the lino onto the paper using a press. There are 50 prints of 'Toe Dipping' in the edition. Hugh works on a small scale using a hand-operated Columbian press in order to produce high quality limited editions and one-off, personalised Artist's Books.

Hugh Bryden was born in Dumfries in 1950 and graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art in 1972. Hugh says of his work 'My main interest is Printmaking (usually linocut and dry-point) and Artists Books'. He collaborates with writers and musicians in performances and publications and is keen to develop new techniques. He ran printmaking workshops in the desert in New Mexico for the Institute of American Indian Arts to 'make fresh, immediate prints on location, and that really excites me'. This process made it possible to create four colour dry-point prints in the open air using non-toxic, water-based inks and portable printing presses. In 2014 he was involved in the 'Windows for Burns Night Project' with poems displayed in windows of prominent buildings in Dumfries.

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