Peace and Plenty
By Annette Fienieg

Subject Matter
Sea and Boats
Reg. Number
77 x 86 cm

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Annette is a printmaker and illustrator of children's books and lives and works in Utrecht, Holland. This print was made after the artist spent a summer in Mallaig many years ago and is loosely based on sketches she did at the harbour there. The title of the print comes from a song by the folk band, 'The McCalmans', whom the Artist saw in concert in Mallaig. The print is not a woodcut print but rather is what in Dutch is called a 'sjabloondruk', which loosely translates as a cardboard cut-out print. In the artist's own words, "I cut the different parts of the picture from a sheet of strong paper, like a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces are then rolled with (etching) ink and printed. This way you can print different colours at the same time as long as there's no overlap. Of course paper is more fragile than, say, wood so print editions are small".

In 'Peace and Plenty' the colours have been delicately applied in transparent layers giving an almost watercolour-like effect well suited to this harbour scene. The shapes of the little boats in the foreground are boldly cut in simple, almost geometric shapes, the primary colours of the boats standing out against the more muted peaceful shades of green and grey used to portray the landscape and sea beyond the pier. A huddle of small buildings on the far side of the water makes reference to the families and livelihoods linked to this rustic fishing harbour.

In 1985 Annette graduated at the Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten (Art School) in Utrecht, specialising in both lithography and dry point etching. During her last year in art school she was student in residence at Peacock Printmakers in Aberdeen, Scotland and after graduating she also worked as artist-in-residence at Highland Printmakers, Inverness. Nowadays Annette works mostly with the above-described sjabloondruk cardboard cut-out printing technique.

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