Nettie III
By Annette Fienieg

Subject Matter
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54 x 49.5 cm

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Thank you Allan Doig for adopting this artwork.

This is a self portrait by the artist who was called 'Nettie' as a child. Annette Fienieg says 'We had a budgie called Loekie, that liked to sit on your head and play with your hair'. Four colours with warm tones are used in the print; brown, ochre, olive green and blue. The lines are drawn with a lightness of touch that leaves no hard edges and the semi transparent inks create soft textures and tones. The image of the child and the bird appears to have joyful quality against the decorative background.

Lithography is a printing technique which was developed in the eighteenth century. Annette specialized in lithography and dry point etching when she was a Graphics student at the Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Utrecht. She describes the process as drawing the image onto a plate using a brush and ink. This requires skill and gives the resulting print a painterly, expressive quality. Each colour is printed separately in succession onto the same piece of paper. Her use of semi transparent inks allows each colour to shine through the overlapping layers, creating a rich variety of colour and tone. This signed print is no. 6 from an edition of 10.

The artist writes 'Nettie III or girl with budgerigar was part of a series of 3 prints depicting childhood memories.. the other 2 prints were one of me sitting reading with my fingers in my ears, so as not to get distracted and one of me at the edge of the sidewalk when I was about 5 and ran away from home..but as I wasn't allowed to cross the street, I stood there till my sister came to get me home'.

Annette says her favourite subjects are city and landscapes, portraits and still lives. A lot of her preparatory work is done in sketchbooks. Most of her recent work is made using the technique of cardboard cutout printing. She also draws and paints in acrylic and watercolour.

Annette is a printmaker and illustrator of children's books and lives and works in Utrecht, Holland. In 1985 Annette graduated at the Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten (art school) in Utrecht, specializing in both lithography and dry point etching. During her last year in art school she was student in residence at Peacock Printmakers in Aberdeen, Scotland and after graduating she also worked as artist-in-residence at Highland Printmakers, Inverness. Nowadays Annette works mostly with the above-described sjabloondruk cardboard cut-out printing technique.

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