Boy and Pony
By Pauline Jacobsen

Subject Matter
Animals - People
Reg. Number
73 x 55 cm

In this woodcut, a touching image is depicted. The artist has focused the detail on the pony, softening the silhouette of the boy and creating a sense of protection and love. The pony seems to blend in with the natural grain of the wood, gently nuzzling the boy's hand and radiating trust and loyalty. One would assume that the pair are situated on a beach, as the treatment of the wood creates the illusion of light and movement, an effect which further softens the appearance of the pony. The boy remains faceless and turned inwards, while the pony has more intricate detail to perhaps draw more attention from the viewer. There is a feeling of nostalgia exuded from this woodcut, which takes one to memories from childhood.

This piece was created using a carving on a woodblock: the grain of the wood is still visible to careful observation. It is likely this was created using a press, more popular for woodcut book illustrations.

Pauline Jacobsen is an illustrator, most known for the illustration of 96 page book "Angels" by Adrian Roberts. His stories were inspired by her woodcuts, which she had created previously; "I wrote this text to accompany Pauline Jacobsen's inspiring and beautiful woodcuts." The book is a commentary on 23 appearances of angels in the Bible, describing how God used angels as messengers in biblical times. It was received well, with signed copies being sold for over £200.

"Pauline Jacobsen's woodcuts are a joy to look at again and again, with their technical skill and deep insight." Pauline has had two group shows in Aberdeen Art Gallery in 1997 and 1999, as well as a solo show in 1998.

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