In the Heat of the Night I
By Dominic Snyder

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
94 x 72.5 cm

''My work has been predominantly based on visual interpretations of Jazz Music. This has been pursued in many different ways through different media including printmaking, painting, drawing and mixed media pieces. My work has been applied to many musical events and projects. This has been through Painted Backdrops, exhibitions, promotional designs and graphics, and also projects involving garment design for musicians.'' Dominic Snyder

Dominic Snyder graduated from the GSA in 1980 with an Honours Degree in Printmaking. He then worked for the GPS as a litho technician for five years up to 1986. Since then he has maintained his Artist and Printmaking practise, as well as meeting the responsibilities of various teaching posts. He has had several one man and group shows, including at the EPW Gallery back in 1987. He has also had work published by the EPW and also the GPS. His most recent one man show was in Bellis Shop and Gallery, Brighton, in 2008. He has produced the promotional illustrations for the Edinburgh International Jazz Festival from 2002-08. He is currently exploring developments in observed drawing of live performances of Jazz Music and also Contemporary Dance. []

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