Harbour at Pittenweem
By Beatrix Blake

Subject Matter
Urban and Architectural
Reg. Number
52 x 56 cm

This etching shows a stone harbour wall and houses with characteristic crow-stepped gables and pantiles at Pittenweem in Fife. The sea and sky are the colour of the print paper, with the surface of the sea picked out in horizontal dashes. Elsewhere, colours are muted beiges, browns and greys, the warmest among them being the orange of the pantiles. The print is titled, signed and numbered 4/50.

The lines on an etching are created by scraping away a waxy medium from a metal plate, then applying acid to the plate. The acid eats into the plate where it has been exposed: when ink is applied to the plate, it is retained by these sunken lines. A print is produced by running the inked plate and a sheet of paper through a printing press, and the printing process can be repeated hundreds of times times before the plate deteriorates.

Beatrix Blake studied painting and stage design at Slade College of Art and worked as a designer and scene painter at The Mermaid Theatre, Royal Court Theatre and Watergate Theatre Club. Blake also works as a textile designer and illustrator: her work has been featured on the covers of several travel guides. Blake's etchings and aquatints often depict fishing villages, abbeys and kirks: they are hand-printed in small editions.

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