Playfair Parade
By Ross Georgeson

Subject Matter
Animals - People
Reg. Number
83 x 63 cm

Following his return from a residency in Belgium, this piece was created to be part of the Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop, 'Edinburgh Suite'. This suite consists of 19 prints by Edinburgh artists, all based on their visual experience of the city itself. Georgeson's personal preoccupations lie with the environment and animal life, as is evident in the print which only includes one human figure.

This artwork has a playful quality, the etchings are vibrant and full of energy almost rhythmical which coincides with the guitar playing figure and the notion of the parade. The steep incline alluded to in the composition is certainly reminiscent of Edinburgh's dramatic topography and the location of the Playfair Steps, places the piece in a central city hub.

The illustrative style is reminiscent of Edinburgh's rich literary culture and the sunny yellow hue gives warmth and energy to the piece. The penguins are an interesting addition, one questions whether they are caricatures of the Edinburgh figure, or making reference to the popularity of the penguin parade at Edinburgh Zoo. The movement of the penguin parade to the Playfair Steps is a novel idea; one could dwell on the artists motives for doing so or simply enjoy the imaginative gesture.

Ross Georgeson was brought up in Edinburgh, and trained at Cumbria College of Art & Design and Birmingham Polytechnic. He has exhibited his relief prints widely in Britain and Ireland, and has works in the collections of Surikhov College of Art, Moscow, and the Museum of Fine Art, Antwerp.

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