The Back Drive
By R.M. Macdonald Scott

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
54 x 63.5 cm

This piece depicts a countryside landscape, painted in watercolours. The title suggests the view is the approach from the rear of the building, which can be seen tucked into the trees in the centre of the painting. The road is flanked on both sides with wooden fences, which give way to fields brimming with vegetation. A blue sky is just visible behind the abundance of branches, giving the impression of a beautiful summers day.

The artist has used watercolour paint to create washes of colour, building up layers of organic shapes. Details are minmal: the artist has used just enough detail for the objects in the piece to reveal themselves. The colour palette is chiefly made up of a range of greens, which have been used to depict the lush vegetation. Blues and greys make up the road and the sky, and a flash of reddish brown can be seen on the gables of the house, to highlight the importance of the building.

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