Maxton Church
By Jane Hyslop

Mixed Media and Collage
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
51 x 65 cm

This painting depicts Maxton Church, located in the Scottish Borders. The eyes of the viewer move from the church graveyard towards the ring of trees, and beyond to fields of crops and, eventually, to a sky covered by grey clouds. The artist has evoked a sense of stillness and calm throughout this artwork.

Jane Hyslop has documented the decline of the mining industry, the dereliction of former mine workings, railways and other man made sites in parallel with the regeneration of the land in her native Midlothian. The flora and fauna that quickly populate deserted places fascinate her and recording this ongoing transformation is at the forefront of her work.

Over recent years her interests have broadened with explorations into aspects of land management through the study of forests, planned gardens and estates. The underlying thrust of her work examines the push and pull of the relationship between human activity and natures resilience.

Born in 1967, Jane Hyslop trained at the Edinburgh College of Art between 1985 and 1989. Her work has been featured in solo exhibitions across Scotland and in group exhibitions internationally, including Edinburgh, London, Selkirk, Amsterdam, Boston and Slovenia. Her work is also featured in various private collections, including the Royal Scottish Academy, the Tate Gallery, the National Gallery of Scotland, the Korean Ministry of Culture and the Contemporary Art Society, London. Her numerous awards include the Elizabeth Greenshields Award (1990), the Latimer Award from the Royal Scottish Academy (1997) and the Birgit Skiold Memorial Trust Award (2006). She currently teaches at the Edinburgh College of Art.

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