Last Night I Dreamed of a Sky Full of Dying Stars
By Felix Carr

Acrylic and Gouache
Subject Matter
Reg. Number

Felix Carr graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2016 and is the winner of the Art in Healthcare purchase award from RSA New Contemporaries exhibition in 2017. With funding from the Hope Scott Trust.

''My work explores painting’s indefatigable relationship with the figure. Exploring variegations of form - whilst being marked by an emphasis on gesture and physical expressivity - it traverses the interstices between representation and abstraction, absence and presence. The paintings are often a result of continued reworking and alteration, subsequently developing a palimpsestic, highly tactual quality. Spectral forms peek through the surface, evincing suggestions of the uncanny, while bold, vibrant marks tease at standardised notions of painterly bravado. Through the demarcation of visual and literary references, I aim to create linear, highly personal narratives that explore sentiments of yearning, expectation and self-hood. Symbolism is contextualised within the overt and indubitably overarching framework of art-historical narrative, and thus, the paintings operate analogously within an anatomy of subjects, signs and language.'' Felix Carr

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