By Hermione Macmillan

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Domestic and Home
Reg. Number
122 x 155 cm

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Hermione Macmillan graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art in 2016 and she is the winner of the Art in Healthcare purchase award, with funding from the Turtleton Trust.

Hermione's playful and imaginative transformation of ordinary into extraordinary environments exaggerated by intense colours and abstract shapes invites the viewer to rethink their familiar surroundings. Radios encourages a cheerful and bold outlook into our everyday objects, as familiar as our radio in the kitchen or department stores.

'I am inspired by my immediate urban environment. I see commercial objects and buildings as abstract shapes and colours and repetitive design. These qualities draw me to my choice in subject matter: from the bright, bold, contemporary range of colours and varying shapes seen in commercial objects in department stores to modern architecture outside. I am exploring the combination of these objects with the geometry, shapes and angles of architectural structures due to the potential this holds for abstraction. The commercial imagery gives off an aura of a sensual fantasy. The glitz and glamour of the consumer world is reflected back in the glossy tactile surface of my paintings. The sheen of the medium also reflects the magazine aesthetic and the painting itself becomes a consumer object in its own right. My purpose is to use the shapes, the geometry, and the structure of the architecture and objects to create the extraordinary from the ordinary, causing the viewer to see the world around them in a different light. Also, to reconsider their urban environment' Hermione Macmillan

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