By Mary-Louise Coulouris

Acrylic and Gouache
Subject Matter
Abstract - Landscape
Reg. Number
37 x 48 cm

This is a story-tale like winter scene from the Scottish countryside. Mary-Louise Coulouris breaks up the farm landscape into wavy lines and square patches, seemingly interested in the patches of snow-covered farmland which look like the black and white squares of a chess board. Although the picture looks rather flat, the curvy lines convey the light of the hills and how the houses sit sheltered in the valley. Due the interesting perspectives, we can look at this painting for a long time and view it from different points of view. We see a bird’s eye view from above and from below, the ground-level point of view. The mountains against the sky exaggerate how the colours wave over the rolling hills, disappearing and darkening into the distance.

Mary Louise Coulouris was born in New York, July 1939, but obtained her Diploma at the Slade School of Art in London, specialising in Printmaking. Later a French Government Scholarship took her to Paris, where she developed her own colour etching technique. Mary Louise moved to Linlithgow, Scotland in 1976 with her husband and two children, where she continued her work as a printmaker, painter and muralist. She passed away in December 2011.

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