Croudle Glen, Isle of Man (1st Study)
By Andrew Gilchrist

Acrylic and Gouache
Subject Matter
Abstract - Landscape
Reg. Number
68 x 81 cm

Andrew Gilchrist has been painting in the Friday all-day class at the Leith School of Art (LSA) since the school opened twenty-five years ago. He has also had a one-man show in the LSA, and at least one show in the History of Art department at the Central Library.

Andrew's work can be divided into two very distinct styles; the work that Andrew paintings at the LSA is very distinctive and striking, yet his other style is inspired by photographs and postcards. The latter is more strictly representational.

Since his parents' deaths, Andrew has lived in sheltered accommodation. He will potentially be having a solo show in Leith over the next year or so.

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