Windswept Trees
By Kirstie Behrens

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
45 x 83 cm

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A row of Scots Pine stands on a rise of ground against a bleak sky. Other than the suggestion of a distant hill at the far left, no other ground is visible beyond the trees, which stand out starkly, exposed to the elements. Kirstie's fondness of branch structure, combined with her talent for intricate detail, is emphasised in this etching, conveying much movement and power.

For the last few years Kirstie's main subject matter has been trees:

"I have concentrated on the printmaking technique of etching that allows me to draw tree shapes in great detail. I particularly enjoy the fine branch structures that are revealed in wintertime in deciduous trees, contrasting well with the coniferous fuller shapes. I look forward to exploring more aspects of printmaking."

Kirstie Behrens was born in 1991.She lives and works in Pittenweem, Fife. Since 2011 she has specialised in printmaking, particularly etching. She produces most of her work at the DCA Print Workshop in Dundee.

Kirstie's work has been exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy; Aberdeen Artists Royal Glasgow Institute; Visual Arts Scotland, Edinburgh; Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries and Roseangle Art Gallery, Dundee as part of ‘Impact 8’ International Printmaking Conference.

Since 2000 she has been a regular contributor to Pittenweem Arts Festival.

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