North East Safari
By Ade Adesina

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
90 x 118 cm

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Ade’s work is a visual commentary around the ideas of ecology, the study of the relationships between living things and their surroundings. His main fascination is how the human footprint is affecting our planet. He highlights the continual damage caused through things such as deforestation, energy consumption and endangered wild species, bringing his influences from travel and current affairs.

Here we can recognise a few familiar features, the Grampian region with Dunnottar Castle and the oil rigs in the distance, as well as the nesting grouse in the foreground. The middle ground features African endangered wildlife roaming or perhaps even fleeing from the hunting men on horseback riding into the left of the composition. Ade is perhaps hinting to colonial perceptions of African culture, which threaten its nature and wildlife.

"Our world is full of wonderful landscapes and I wish to highlight the continual damage caused through things such as deforestation, the politics of energy consumption and endangered wild species." Ade Adesina

Ade Adesina was the winner of the Art in Healthcare Purchase Prize, RSA New Contemporaries Exhibition 2013.

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