Off the Cuff
By Heather Pugh

Mixed Media and Collage
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
37 x 42 cm

Heather Pugh's sculptural artworks are fantastic additions to Art in Healthcare's collection. They were purchased through funding from the Hope Scott Trust.

Her paintings are bright, colourful and quirky, and illuminate warmth and cheerfulness. Each of her creations is completely original and could not be replicated as she utilises objects discarded in bins or found on the city streets. She then arranges these found objects, adding or cutting away at them before applying paint and sometimes other media to create multi-layered and intriguing artwork. Her inspiration stems from the things she finds, taking something ordinary with a defined purpose to establish something new and completely unique.

Heather states, "To be blunt my work is almost like glorified recycling".

Art in Healthcare's blog entry about Heather Pugh

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