Every Nook and Cranny II
By Heather Pugh

Mixed Media and Collage
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
37 x 42 cm

Heather Pughs' sculptural artworks are fantastic additions to the charity's art collection and are already earmarked to be put on display in Edinburgh's new Royal Victoria Hospital with generous financial support from the Hope Scott Trust. Her paintings are bright, colourful and quirky, illuminating warmth and cheerfulness. Each of her creations is completely original and could not be replicated as she utilises objects discarded in bins or found on the city streets. She then arranges these found objects, adding or cutting away at them before applying paint and sometimes other media to create multi-layered and intriguing artwork. Her inspiration stems from the things she finds, taking something ordinary with a defined purpose to establish something new and completely unique.

"To be blunt my work is almost like glorified recycling."

Ten of her works have been purchased for the Art in Healthcare collection to be displayed at the hospital and my favourite is 'Off the Cuff'. The colours make up an attractive palette: contrasting and bold yet still working together and with the multiple components making the piece visually stimulating. Firstly, there are everyday mundane objects such as a hinge and a door handle, which are painted over in geometric pattern and stripes transforming the lowly door handle into a decorative adornment. Pugh is interested in hinges because of their use and function; they are designed to open and close doors and compartments but by placing them in an alien environment their function changes completely.
Another exciting piece is 'Sign of the Times', which draws one's attention by incorporating a key, initiating the questions where the item originally came from and did the owner miss it. Is whatever the key used to unlock unable to open now? The idea for the painting was inspired by Pugh playing with a piece of wood on her jigsaw, which then developed and expanded after a friend gave her some unwanted objects, including the keys.

"A key is something every day and by changing its function it tied in with my theme of recreating the mundane."

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