The Trout Farm
By Brian MacBeath

Subject Matter
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119 x 90 cm

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This monoprint has a rough, simplistic quality to it: the artist has left the background blank and uses gaps in the paint to delineate individual elements. Yet a sense of regularity, of ordered harmony, persists in the regular use of shapes and patterns to represent a trout farm. It demonstrates MacBeath’s characteristic exploration of colour and abstract form, using overlapping forms and a variety of washes.

The background consists of undulating shapes in murky brown watercolours, dotted with trees: it is unclear whether they represent trees or hills. Beneath them there is a dark teal rectangle filled with regular rows of yellow circles to represent the orderly ponds that make up the trout farm. Below this to the right there is a section composed of blue, marked by wave patterns, suggesting a body of water. There are red-brown contours in the water and a series of fish shapes underneath. The water is flanked to the right by an off-white section with three white rings, an echo of the yellow rings above them.

Brian MacBeath studied at Gray’s Art School in Aberdeen and is now based in the Highlands of Scotland. He works in a range of media, including oils on canvas, monoprints and lithography, using each to illustrate his characteristic engagement with resonant colour and abstract form.His work has been exhibited throughout Scotland. He has had a long association with the Highland Print Studio in Inverness, and teaches printmaking, etching and painting both to adults and children.

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