The Drill Plough
By Gregor Smith

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
156 x 215 cm

Gregor Smith's 'The Drill Plough' depicts a still, rural landscape where rolling fields, mountains and sky stretch across the canvas and an old fashioned plough sits abandoned in the foreground just out of our reach. Together the mountains and sky fill two thirds of the painting giving a sense of space and the feeling of being far from people and industry.

There is repetition in the curves of the plough, the fields and the mountains. These objects sit comfortably alongside each other. The land, sky and mountains reach from one side of the canvas to the other allowing us to enjoy the still and seemingly unending landscape. However the sky is subdued and the sun appears to be going down on this rural setting. The plough appears to be abandoned and a wall separates the painter and the viewer from it. There are no signs of livestock or farmworkers. Perhaps Gregor is showing us the end of traditional farming life where the rural remains are beautiful but abandoned.

Gregor Smith paints in both oil and watercolour and more recently, printmaking. He is a former student of drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art which was followed by a travelling scholarship to Florence and Rome 1966-7. From 1968 until 2006 he taught art in various schools in central Scotland. Gregor has exhibited extensively mainly in Scotland and in London. Solo exhibitions include the New 57 gallery, Edinburgh, Compass Gallery, Glasgow and watercolours at the Glasgow Print Studio. Selected exhibitions include the Royal Scottish Academy; the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolours; the Royal Watercolour Society C21, London; the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours, London; the Scottish Arts Council; the Arts Council of Northen Ireland; Project Arts Centre, Dublin; the Society of Scottish Artists, Compass Gallery, Glasgow and Roger Billcliffe Fine Art, Glasgow.

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