Crowfields Dunning
By Wilma Dunbar

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
78 x 85 cm

Wilma paints figurative compositions comprised of oil on canvas, paper or in this case, oil on board.

"Crowfields Dunning" is one of the artists less abstract paintings. There is a very recognisable rural Scottish landscape where a small house sits enjoying the isolation and battling the elements. The scene is comprised of layers of colour which stretch across the painting to out carve out distinguishing features; heather in the foreground, a river, the river bank, hills and skyline.

The house is small within the painting, almost swallowed up by the surrounding fields. A spindly fence and a river separate us from the land that the house occupies. The scene is foreboding and cold but close up the house is colourful and catches the viewer's attention. The house also appears to sit on a grassy, sandy shore. This juxtaposition of the beautiful but dark and wild is certainly a fair reflection of most people's experience of rural Scotland.

Wilma Dunbar studied at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen and has exhibited in Frames Gallery and the Weedend Barn Gallery.

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