By Joanna Wilson

Subject Matter
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This print is based on computer circuitry. The artist scanned images of circuits into a computer and manipulated the image to come up with the design for this screen print. Screen printing is a process that involves pressing ink through specially treated screens and is a method that favours bold colourful hard-edged work.

Joanna Wilson studied a degree in painting at Edinburgh College of Art and a MA in Fine Art at the Wimbledon School of Art. She has been inspired by the excitement of London and the wild Highlands of Scotland. Even though her work is not literal, it expresses both places. Everyday shapes and patterns also inspire her. She wants to express “the kinetic power of bold shapes and dynamic brush strokes” and to immerse the viewer into space and colour. Her pieces tend to contain a tension between chaos and control that allows the viewer to interpret and interact with the work.
Wilson has won several awards including the Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship Scholarship for the Art Division from the Yale Summer School in Connecticut, USA and the ACAVA, First Base Studio Award in 2003. She has exhibited at the Temple of Multi Faith Century Gallery in London, the Contemporary Scottish Art Exhibition Falle Fine Art in Jersey and at numerous locations around Edinburgh.

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