By Lynsey Ewan

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Still Life and Flowers
Reg. Number
40 x 40 cm

At first glance of this painting, it is very easy to be misled into thinking Lynsey's work 'Lemon' is a photograph printed onto canvas. In reality her careful attention to detail and her delicate, almost invisible brush strokes have combined to create this beautiful recreation of a lemon bush. Set on an uncomplicated Payne's grey background, the plant becomes the viewer's focal point within the image. Rather than overwhelming us with a fussy background, Lynsey focuses her delicate embellishments upon the plant. The lemon tree's branches lead us around the painting until our eyes finally meet with the fruits of the image, where she has successfully recreated the jewel like cadmium yellow hues of the lemons and the deep emerald greens of the leaves. This painting is a symbol of hope, abundance and health, bringing with it a feeling of well-being that both invigorates and awakens the soul and senses.

During her art college days Lynsey fell in love with tropical plants and was inspired by their luminous colours and unusual shapes. The lush, humid atmosphere and the sense of nature nurturing and thriving were all at the core of her inspiration at the time she created this painting. She acquires her source material through photography and describes this process as almost like a 'treasure hunt' where she would find incredible flowers or fruit hiding under leaves just out of view. These shots of colour in the intertwined greens were like precious jewels to her, and Lynsey began to paint them in this way. Much of her source photography is over exposed as she enjoys the way that colours become enlivened in the light.

Lynsey Ewan studied at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee and graduated with a BA Honours in Fine Art in 2001. So far she has achieved two awards - the Ian Eadie Award (2001) and the Dundee Visual Arts Award (2002). She can boast a very successful career, exhibiting her work in a number of galleries and art fairs every year across the UK. Her paintings are held in many public and private collections in the UK, Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands and the USA. Her striking, colourful and bold work is well recognised and is becoming increasingly sought after.

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