Flight of Fancy
By Rebecca Roche

Mixed Media and Collage
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
123 x 72 cm

A strong sense of design and rich colour, texture and embroidered detail lie at the heart of Rebecca's work. This piece, commissioned for the Art for Children in Hospital Project, uses a strong parallel between the shapes of the birds and the leaves to create a dynamic decorative design.

The pear tree scene is set against a gothic-style arched window and outside the day is breaking. The arrangement of birds (presumably partridges) and leaves jumps out at the viewer and refuses to be framed within the window. This gives the artwork a sense of freedom. Each leaf and each bird has decorative stitching around the edges and is uniquely designed and elegant in appearance. Stitching is also used to create detail on the leaves. The reflective silver stars and pears give the birds a deeply relaxing backdrop.

Rebecca Roche lives in Fife and is trained in Textile Design and an Art and Design teacher. She creates contemporary textile panels, brooches and cards using a combination of papers, fabrics, ribbons, buttons and text as well as various stitching techniques.

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