Shimmering Shoals
By Rebecca Roche

Mixed Media and Collage
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
68 x 121.5 cm

This piece uses embroidery and layered materials to build up a rich patterned design. Fish of different shapes and sizes are set within a grid-like composition and by housing the different types of fish against a defined rectangular area we really look at the differences between them. The arrangement is akin to a collectors display case.

Colour and texture are the main methods of communication. Each fish is uniquely designed and rather majestic, some even appear to be wearing crowns. Stripes, circles, spots and swirls create detail and make the fish interesting. The eyes are a key detail and the artist seems to be drawing us toward them. Again, all the eyes are different.

'Shimmering Shoals' is a mixed media piece. The use of embroidery, colours, spots, lines and swirls attracts the viewer to the detail, while boxing in the different types of fish makes us aware of the more obvious differences between species.

Rebecca Roche lives in Fife and is trained in Textile Design and an Art and Design teacher. She creates contemporary textile panels, brooches and cards using a combination of papers, fabrics, ribbons, buttons and text as well as various stitching techniques.

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