Summer Hedgerow
By John Mayhew-Manson

Acrylic and Gouache
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
33 x 28 cm

Through layers and layers of colourful paint marks, John captures a hedge on what feels like a bright summer’s day. Although the colours mix with each other, we can still distinguish the pale blue sky from the green hedge and the colourful flowers. The layered technique gives this painting real depth, and the colourful spots bring it to life.

John Mayhew-Manson was born in New Zealand in 1938. He came to Britain to study medicine and became a neurophysiologist. John worked in Sweden before becoming a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. He started painting while he was studying science to keep his creative side active. His painting became even more important when he fell ill. During this time he established a style of working in very thin layers of acrylic paint which he applied with a palette rather than a paintbrush. Today he has presented private collections in the UK and in New Zealand, and has taken part in several mixed exhibitions.

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