By Lisa Harvey

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
93 x 133 cm

The screenprint depicts nine figures of children, starkly portrayed and ghostly, walking in a line one a plain background to the scene. Each figure is distinctive: the three figures at the back of the line appear to be separate, while one figure in the centre of the stands out of line.

The child featured in this piece is Harvey's son, Jacob: Harvey captured the footage of him on his second birthday then saved several frames using a computer and used Photoshop to layer and blur the image. She tried out several different versions at this stage, and chose the print that was most aesthetically pleasing to form a screen print.

Harvey's work is inspired by her son: "becoming a parent has opened my eyes more than I could ever have imagined. His innocence and care-free nature is something I want to nurture for as long as it will last." Jacob was born with a rare condition called gastroschisis, a congenital defect characterised by a defect in the abdominal wall. He was delivered by Caesarean section and was rushed to theatre for a four-hour operation. Harvey states that "maybe his difficult start to life gives me the motivation to make his life as easy as I possibly can or perhaps the overwhelming feeling of protecting is every parents instinct."

Lisa Harvey studied on a Foundation Course in Art and Design at Telford College , Edinburgh from 1994 to 1995. She graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College in 2000 with a BA Hons in Printmaking.

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