Reassuring Orange Glow
By Andrew MacKenzie

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
69 x 69 cm

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"I work with a variety of materials to produce paintings/drawings which seek to explore the relationship between the man-made (urban) and the natural, and to question what we actually mean when we say "landscape" and "nature". This is always in terms of suggestion rather than depiction, and they are intended to work in the mind of the viewer in order to cause associations with the real world. The reference to landscape is often very subtle, and can be in as much as a horizontal line, the direction of a brush-mark, or even just a word in the title". - Andrew MacKenzie.

Andrew MacKenzie was born in Aberchirder in North East Scotland. In 1993, he received an M.F.A in Drawing and Painting from the Edinburgh College of Art and has since received two awards from the Scottish Arts Council and a Hope Scott Trust Award. He currently lives and works in Edinburgh.

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