A Put Upon Pair Player
By Carmen Ambrozevich

Reg. Number
64 x 88 cm

Carmen studied at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen and was awarded a Postgraduate degree in Art. She was also a former printmaking lecturer at Gray's and tutor at Peacock Printmakers and Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop. She won the Scottish Arts Council Award and The Keith Prize at the RSA. Carmen is a professional member of the Aberdeen Artists Society and of Visual Arts Scotland and member of the Society of Scottish Artists.

A Put Upon Pair Player is a print featuring the abstraction of two people at a table. Their faces are blank except for the mouths and they wear almost identical clothing and hairstyles, neither one having a spate identity from the other. The body language of the person on the right engages with the one on the left. The environment they occupy is filled with colour, yet the figures are almost completely devoid of it. Here, it’s up to the viewer to speculate on the aloof situation that is presented here.

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