Evening Meal
By Catherine Imhof-Cardinal

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Abstract - People
Reg. Number
59 x 55 cm

This is a semi-abstract painting signed by the artist. The composition appears to show an aerial view of a table with the suggestion of chairs, plates, and two figures; an adult and a child. The oil paint has been layered in flat blocks of matte colour using blues, pinks and green with cool tones. There are warmer tones within the yellow backdrop.

''For me, each colour has a kind of flavour, some days you want to eat something salty and some days you feel like something sweet - so all these colours make a meal for me''. Catherine Imhof-Cardinal speaking to Robin Jackson. Although some features are sketched in, there is little detail because the artist is more interested in colour and form. A sense of movement and energy is contained within the almost square frame.

Catherine prefers to work in the company of her dog whilst listening to music including Mozart, Pergolesi, and Monteverdi. ''I must point out that when I use colour it is never from the tube. It is very painful to me when I see a painting where colour has been used without mixing...Colour has to be respected. And when I want a particular colour, I may use up to six different colours - so they really will blend together to my liking''. The artist speaking to Robin Jackson.

Over the last 20 years she has developed a way of working which she describes on her website as follows. 'I start with a scribble on the sheet which seemingly looks like nothing at all, like something just casually thrown there...each work gradually emerges from a series of lines thrown onto the sheet, the subject and the composition suggesting themselves through the work process''.

Catherine is known for the vibrancy of her colour. Speaking to Robin Jackson, she says ''My main themes are human figures and portraits, landscapes, and at certain times, spiritual moods''. Most of her painting is done on paper or board using oil paint. She also makes work using plaster, clay and metal, screen-print paint and oil pastels.

Catherine Imhof-Cardinal is a French artist of Swiss extraction. She lives in Aberdeenshire with her Swiss husband and family. Catherine has a strong feeling for colour, a quality which she interlocks with her sculptural drawings. She works from first hand examination of people, landscapes and light. In addition to occasional exhibitions in the RSA and France and Switzerland, Catherine has exhibited alongside Scotland's best known artists in other exhibitions. Her works are in private collections in Europe and the USA.

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