The Mill House
By Marjorie Stark

Mixed Media and Collage
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
92 x 69 cm

This piece is typical of Marjorie Stark's abstract approach to the representation of architectural forms. The dark elements of the piece stand out prominently, including the black shape running down the right hand side of the piece and the shadows in the bottom right hand corner. Like much of Stark's work, this piece is is a collage, composed of elements including photographs in the lower-right corner and overlaid with cream-coloured paper additions in the upper half. Though largely monochrome, there are subtle dashes of red, which rather than detracting from the austere character of the piece as a whole serve to draw attention to the more nuanced details of the piece, which become apparent upon further study. These include the two fine ink drawings to the left of the dark shape that create the impression of Victorian mill buildings.

Marjorie Stark was born in 1914 and studied at Edinburgh College of Art from 1949 to 1955. She was as elected a professional member of the Society of Scottish Artists. Her work often combines fragments and impressions of her subject through the medium of water-colour and collage. She developed a distinctive style using torn paper and mixed media, and had a particular interest in exploring architectural themes

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