Llandudno Pavilion
By Anthea Gage

Reg. Number
83 x 80 cm

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Anthea Gage is a Scottish artist who works primarily in gouache. Her work is often inspired by the pattern and colour of the world around her. At other times she likes to take ideas from poetry or songs, and she enjoys the humour of the imagination and dreams. Anthea has always loved seaside resorts for their colour and pattern and in this gouache painting of Llandudno Pavilion the artist has revelled in the pattern of the wooden slats of the boardwalk and the striking blue and cream panel design on the building.

The paint is applied flatly and precisely on the building and pier but in the sky beyond the paint has been applied more thinly with water in order to blur the edges of the clouds. This makes the geometric lines of the building crisper and more striking. The scene is however devoid of any figures or signs of day-to-day human presence – for example there is no litter, posters or modern fittings. Perhaps this is alluding to a sense of nostalgia about the location and its reduced social significance in recent times.

Anthea Gage was born and educated in Edinburgh. She obtained a Diploma in Drawing and Painting from Edinburgh College of Art and after a travelling scholarship she studied printmaking as a postgraduate. She has worked full time teaching Art & Design in Edinburgh for twenty eight years. She is a member of the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour (RSW) and the Society of Scottish Artists (SSA).

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