Rites of Spring Suite
By John Mackechnie

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
44 x 50 cm

This print was originally part of a suite of several prints produced in 1977 by the Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop, called the "Rites of Spring Suite". It was made using photo-etching which is a complex process, and would have required several different metal plates to apply all the different colours seen in the print.

This piece is dominated by a mass of rich, spreading foliage, behind which part of a house can be seen, the main feature being a large bay window. In front of the foliage and to the extreme left of the picture, a smiling woman stands, hands in pockets, looking out of frame to the left. The colours in the print are subdued, almost pastel in effect, and have an aesthetically pleasing uniformity of tone, an effect heightened by the slightly soft-focus quality which the print has. This, together with the somewhat enigmatic figure of the woman - what has she to do with the largely-concealed house, and what is she looking at out of frame? - gives the print a rather dream-like quality, or resemblance to a dimly-recalled memory.

John MacKechnie RSA was born in Glasgow in 1949. He studied drawing and painting at the Glasgow School of Art and subsequently studied printmaking at Brighton Polytechnic. He has held solo exhibitions in galleries throughout Britain, including the Richard Demarco Gallery in Edinburgh, Lawrence Graham in London and the Glasgow Print Studio.

John's group exhibitions include “Expressions – Scottish Art 1976 – 1989”, Dundee Contemporary Art, “Glasgow’s Art,”, Glasgow, Ljubljana Print Biennale Slovenia; the Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. He has also participated in various art fairs in Los Angeles, London, Glasgow, Chicago, New York and Sydney and his work is featured in public collections including the Scottish Arts Council, Art in Healthcare, the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco and the British Museum.

John's received the Scottish Arts Council Travel Award and he has been a Royal Scottish Academician since 2005. He is currently the Director at the Glasgow Print Studio. Much of his work focuses on urban themes and an ‘interest in a perceived notion of American culture in general’.

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