Still Life in Pink and Green
By Marjorie Noel Slaney

Subject Matter
Still Life and Flowers
Reg. Number

Marjory is renowned for her Still Life genre paintings, commonly of domestic scenes and typically including flowers, such as in this work 'Still life in Pink and Green'. The mixture of fruit, flowers and the pink documents on the table compose a quaint domestic scene. The white transparency of the glass vase reflecting green light off the coloured fruit bowl is an objective representation. This is in contrast to the abstracted colours of the garments on the cover of the fashion magazine which, along with the edgy pink coloured paper, feminise the scene. The blue strokes of ink are faint, painted in a swift and fluid manner conveying the sense of ephemerality of fashionable trends and also of contemplative memory. This is also emphasised by the golden glaze over the work. In contrast, the pink flowers to the left are painted thickly with a craquelure oil technique (which creates a fine pattern of dense cracking) and the leaves are also painted in thick tonal layers which allude to the idea of the rich abundance of nature. This contrasts to the transience of human desires and fashions.

Marjory Noel Slaney was born in 1915 and died in 2000. She trained at Glasgow School of Art and was married to the artist George Frederick Moules. Marjorie worked and exhibited mainly in Scotland.

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