A Corner of the Kitchen
By Ramsay McClure

Mixed Media and Collage
Subject Matter
Domestic and Home - Still Life and Flowers
Reg. Number
56 x 43 cm

This work is a representation of a traditional kitchen scene with implements such as old-fashioned copper pans hung on the walls. The stark and simple black acrylic outlines of the pans highlight their rich amber oil colour. The blurred, yet striking, white watercolour background conveys the presence of light entering the kitchen near the window and this technique uplifts the compositional structure and conveys a sense of nostalgia. Although still life works are typical of Ramsay's oeuvre, he is also known for social visualisations such as, 'Saloon Bar' 1956.

Ramsay's traditional painterly style contrasts with his father's artistic career as a political cartoonist in Glasgow but interestingly he was also involved in the political sphere during service in the Royal Navy.

Ramsay Dyke McClure was born in 1924 and is an artist known predominantly for his still life works utilising the medium of mixed media. He was taught by John Keith Vaughan at the Central School of Arts and Crafts and the two then became life companions for thirty years until John Vaughan's death in 1977 with Ramsay himself passing away soon after in 1981.

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