Tube of Paint
By Matt Storstein

Mixed Media and Collage
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
70 x 57 cm

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Thank you the Artist for very generously gifting this artwork to the Art in Healthcare Collection.

Matthew Storstein studied painting at Glasgow school of art, graduating in 1996. He has been working as a tutor at Leith School of Art since 2000.

"I am drawn to objects that don’t seem to have any obvious meaning, or at any rate any particularly interesting meaning. This apparent emptiness allows the objects to speak of things other than themselves. As you look, the banality gives way and is replaced by a profound, absurd and unsettling beauty.

At the same time the painting is struggling to take on an object quality of its own, to become a thing in the world and not simply an area where objects are described. The abstract and descriptive qualities develop in tandem, sometimes working together, sometimes against one another.

As it develops the painting continually shifts and changes, often radically, until, at some point, it no longer seems arbitrary but as if it is the way it was always meant to be."

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