By Maki Hamada

Acrylic and Gouache Mixed Media and Collage
Subject Matter
Abstract - Animals
Reg. Number
76 x 50.5 cm

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A myriad of influences and elements are used in the intricate and delicate work of the Japanese artist, Maki Hamada. She uses a number of techniques, such as hiragana, cut-out paper, buttons and felt to express themes related to fantasy and reality and light and dark. Insects and flowers often feature in Maki's paintings.

In 2014, Maki stated the following to Art in Healthcare: 'I’m interested in looking at children’s books that include fantasy and a dark side, such as books like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Witches, and Harry Potter. These stories are dreamy and fantastic, but on the other hand, unusual and strange. I want to link up two opposing things like reality and fantasy. Fred Tomaselli is an artist who uses these themes. His work has lots of pretty and beautiful patterns, but it is also unconventional.

This year (2014), I’m looking at folk tales and legends about ancient trees and their spirits; I'm creating black and white drawings that seem initially to represent one image but on close inspection have many details and visual layers that add complexity, both thematic and formal to the work. I’m trying to combine unconventional materials like letters, marks, eyes and insects to make patterns.'

Maki is currently based in her hometown of Fukuoka, having lived in the UK for six years, studying at Camberwell College of Arts in London and Edinburgh College of Art, graduating with a First Class Degree in 2007.

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