Heaven, Earth and Rooftops
By Alison Philp

Subject Matter
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39 x 78 cm

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This image is one of a series of artworks contained in Alison's book 'Walking Fate' which was created for the Cupar Arts Festival 2013. The book contains writings and artwork relating to the theme of 'fate' within the boundary of a pre-determind walk around the market town of Cupar in Fife, Scotland.

Alison is a visual artist based in north east Fife in Scotland. Up until 2007 she worked with digital media making short video and sound works. She also worked as a socially engaged artist in community projects and workshops. After Alison's children were born she started a visual journal using mainly pencil on paper. These small works offer fleeting insights into daily life and the maternal.

At the beginning of 2013 Alison started to use oil paints on canvas - painting local natural and rural places. Sometimes child figures feature as an integral part of the landscape. Living in the country the passing of time marked by the seasonal alterations to the face of the landscape is profound. Painting also concerns time in relation to the dual process of balancing intuition with critical decision making, consequently creating an, oft times lengthy, fluctuating relationship with the painting surface over the days and/or weeks of its development.

"I moved away from the familiar nearby of my rural home and explored, the slightly further afield, local market town of Cupar. Through exploring the towns urban landscape I came to know it better, and through walking and thinking, generated a series of texts which echoed a landscape of mind exploring the everyday and using this as inspiration for drawings."

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