Breakwater Series No 3
By Lindsey Lavender

Mixed Media and Collage
Subject Matter
Landscape - Sea and Boats
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The 'Breakwater Series' focuses on the 'groyne' structures which dominate the beachfront of Lindsey's home in Portobello, Edinburgh. People often associate the seaside with summer heat and sunshine, with beaches busy and filled with fun; Lindsey chooses to examine the presence/absence dichotomy of the empty beach out of season. Whilst still filled with light and shadow the winter beach is frequently devoid of people and exposed to the winter elements.

These paintings were made with Indian ink and acrylic paint applied with a bamboo stick rather than a traditional paintbrush. This lends the work a certain tension through the struggle to work in a figurative way with a hard to control tool; a contrast between controlled crisp lines to more energetic scratches and flicks of paint and ink.

Lindsey's art encompasses drawing, painting, printing, collage and textiles. Recently painting has been the predominant part of her practise. Through her work, she examines natural and built environments, seeking simple observations that are often overlooked; she has a fascination and intrigue with the everyday.
The work has been described as having a sense of melancholy calm which draws the viewer in. It explores, through a restricted palette, the juxtaposition of manmade and natural as well as rhythm and the play of light and shade, often on the seemingly ordinary.

Although trained and practised as an architect, Lindsey has always maintained a passion for and continued to make art throughout adult life. In recent years she has been creating art intensively, as well as exhibiting her work, whilst continuing her development part-time at Edinburgh College of Art.

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