By Richard White

Subject Matter
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41 x 49 cm

Strathconon is in Ross-shire, a few miles north-west of Inverness. With a monochrome palette, Richard White depicts an impressionistic manner the valley through which the River Meig flows. There is a harsh quality to this landscape, evoked by the jagged and scratched way it is depicted, in particular the evergreen trees and surrounding hills. One feels that this print shows a day in early winter when the daylight has started to fade.

This print was produced at Edinburgh Printmakers, where Richard worked over the weekends. At this time, he was still teaching Art at Craigroyston Community High School in Edinburgh.

Intaglio engraving was invented in Germany by the 1430s. Intaglio printmaking involves a series of techniques in which the image is incised into the surface, known as the matrix or plate, and the incised area then holds the ink.

When speaking of his own process, Richard says 'the original work was done on transparent drafting film with water soluble materials "in situ" while I was on a drawing trip in the North of Scotland and was then exposed on to photo sensitive film and developed which bites the artwork beneath the film. This is then inked, wiped and printed in the traditional manner.'

Richard White was born in Perth in 1949. He attended Edinburgh College of Art (1967-1971) and the Moray House School of Education (1971-1972), graduating with a Diploma in Painting and Drawing and a Teaching Certificate.

Along with his wife, Evelyn White, he works in a studio adjacent to their home - White Space - in Stanley, Perthshire. "They produce contemporary work in a variety of media. For both artists, printmaking is prominent." Though his wife Evelyn produces figurative work, Richard produces "abstract images in painting, collage and printmaking."

Richard worked as an Art teacher at Craigroyston Community High School. During his time there, he worked at Edinburgh Printmakers over the weekend. He is now retired from teaching, working full-time on printing and painting and showing regularly at the various annual open exhibitions in Scotland.

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