Graffito 1
By Anne Forte

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
103 x 98 cm

Anne was born in Edinburgh. She likes to visit and live in other countries too when she can. She finds the effort involved sharpens her up, every small transaction becomes interesting and difficult. Anne states "You can't live on automatic pilot when you live outside your mother tongue. I find my observation and sensitivity heightened, which helps make better art."

Anne's inspirations come from literature, theatre, other visual artists, particularly Giotto, Fra Angelico and the Flemish masters. She has made prints for many years and they are an integral part of her work. Anne specialize in silkscreen, but she is currently using collagraph to expand her practice. She finds using various media enriches her work, "...each medium feeds in to another and learning a new skill keeps you curious and open to new ideas."

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