Morning Tide
By P Knuttal

Reg. Number
47 x 51 cm

The artist has created a simple composition that captures the gathering daylight on a seemingly blustery morning by the sea. A contrast is evident between the relative stillness of the boats moored on the sand in the foreground and the dynamic background of the natural elements in motion. Knuttal shows a considered observation of the foreground subjects with precisely drawn detail on the boats and sand using muted warmer colours. The fluid application of cooler colours for the sea and mountain in the distance emphasises the volatility of the wind and water - creating a stormy feel to this scene. The white on blue effect for the sea shows spray being whipped up across the waves to crash against the harbour wall in the distance. The birds seem to struggle and push against the wind which helps to suggest a movement and energy of the elements captured in this morning tide.

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